McDonald's Shamrock Shakes To Come Back...Everywhere
Image courtesy of McDonalds

McDonald's Shamrock Shakes To Come Back...Everywhere

For those who were let down by the recent introduction of Jack in the Box's bacon milkshake, which, ahem, doesn't contain any actual bacon, there's this news: McDonald's has announced that its Shamrock Shakes are now available at just about every McDonald's in the U.S.

That last part is important, because apparently there were complaints from Shamrock Shake cultists about how the St. Patty's day drink wasn't offered everywhere. There are actual websites dedicated to locating the items.

This year, McDonald's has finally recognized the plight of the Shamrock Shirked. From now until March 25, the dubiously Irish concoction can be had at presumably any Golden Arches in the U.S. The move follows the company's strategy for the limited release of the McRib, which has only been offered nationally for the past two years until it realized that it had the public eating out of its hands.

It is not known if the mint-flavored shake will be available in actual Ireland or if the company will bring back the Uncle O'Grimacey character it used in the 80s to promote the item. Commercials announcing the drink's return will start airing later in this month.

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