McDonald's Ditching Its "Extra Value Menu" For One That Has $5 Items

McDonald's is reportedly going to retire its "Extra Value Menu" a year after its introduction because, well, people just weren't biting. The pricier "Extra Value Menu", which featured items costing closer to $2, was instituted to get customers to switch over from its more popular "Dollar Menu." The failure was explained by a McDonald's spokesman who said that they "didn't deliver on simplicity and clarity."

Now a so-called "Dollar Menu & More" will be rolled out as soon as this year. It's still being tested and tweaked right now at several outlets, but it is believed that the pricing structure will now be three tiered, with $1, $2 and $5 options. The new menu will include more chicken items as well as burgers with extra patties and bacon. A 20-piece McNugget pack will also retail for $5, reportedly.

That last bit might make the woman in the following video either happy or finally allow her turn into her "ultimate form."

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