Match the Tequila Shot with the Real OC Housewife!

TMZ has a cringe-inducing video of Real Housewife of OC Tamra Barney letting her boyfriend do a body shot off her last weekend at a bar in Mexico. 

We can't tell what type of tequila was drenched on the classy 43-year-old, but we're thinking it's gotta be a Tequila Extra Añejo--extra aged. 

Just for fun, we've selected a tequila to compliment each Housewife. Just add salt and limes.

Vicki Gunvalson: Sauzas Hornitos Tequila

Initially hot, but ending dry. Tired, with notes of bitterness. Mature character.

Tamra Barney: Tequila Semental Silver 
Strong character, though a bit rough. 

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