Marvin Gapultos, Filipino Food Blogger Extraordinaire, Publishes Filipino Cookbook!

Those who know Marvin Gapultos as Burnt Lumpia, the voice behind the world's preeminent Filipino food blog, are aware of his story arc. In post after post spanning years, he chronicled his education on the food of his culture with humor, wit, and most importantly, recipes.

Then he surprised everyone when he used what he learned and those recipes to start a respected food truck called Manila Machine. Trolling around the streets of SoCal in his bright orange lonchera, Gapultos slung adobo and rice when most people didn't even know what Filipino food was. He was even lauded by the likes of Jonathan Gold.

These days, he's retired from the luxe lonchera game, but the experience from the blog and the food truck has spurred Gapultos to write a cookbook!

I received an advance copy of The Adobo Road, which officially drops next Tuesday (May 7th) and it's like having a prettier, flashier, easier-to-navigate and more annotated version of his blog in my hands. And there are what seems like ten times the recipes his blog had, a few of which I've always wanted to try myself.

In it, there's Gaplutos' favorite dish of all, pinakbet, but also Filipino spaghetti (complete with hot dogs and banana ketchup--and not from a bottle, but rather his own homemade version), cocktails, a bittermelon quiche and of course, lumpias, among many others.

But it wouldn't be Marvin's cookbook without adobo, and there's an entire section called "The Art of Adobo" with nine recipes dedicated to it. I intend to follow word-for-word as the last time I tried to make adobo, I ended up with what I can charitably call vinegar soup.

As I said, the book is on sale on pre-order at Amazon for a May 7th release for a measly $10.72. Get it! You'll learn, a lot of things! Follow Stick a Fork In It on Twitter @ocweeklyfood or on Facebook! And don't forget to download our free Best Of App here!


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