Man Orders a Whopper with 1,050 Pieces of Bacon; Attempts To Eat It

So a man walks into a Burger King in Japan and orders a Whopper with 1,050 pieces bacon, and Burger King, true to their "Have It Your Way" slogan, gives it to him.

The thing is monstrous--a literal tower of bacon that reaches up to his neck and dwarfing the now inconsequential piece of bun, lettuce and tomato. The patty...well does it matter at this point? The guy doesn't finish the thing, even after saying a little prayer before he started nibbling. He did manage to eat what looks like the normal yearly human allotment of bacon though...before looking a bit nauseated and retreating to what presumably is the restroom.

It was posted by a writer at the news site, rocketnews24, in Japan. The man in video is a colleague. Though the dude doesn't exactly live up to Kobayashi, what the stunt has done was the only thing it was meant to do: go viral. And it has. The YouTube video has been viewed close to a million times since it was posted Tuesday of last week.

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