Wear sandals.
Wear sandals.

Love Long Beach Festival This Weekend

If your idea of a summer festival doesn't involve deep fried Twinkies and carnival rides on what's essentially a hot parking lot in the middle of Costa Mesa, then drive on over to Long Beach this weekend for the Love Long Beach Festival at Granada Beach.

This festival--which will have dog events, beach football, beach volleyball, and music by a whole bunch DJs and bands--will be, you guessed it, at the beach.

There will, of course, be beer and food. Along with your usual caravan of food trucks, there's a "Healthy Organic Food Court", a Beach BBQ, and all the shave ice, kettle corn and cotton candy to offset the "healthy" and "organic" stuff.

The festival runs Saturday and Sunday, from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. with various events througout the day. Notably, there will be a "Beach Dance Party Saturday Night with a Fire Show and Burning Man." This event benefits Children Today. Admission is free.

For more info, check out the layout and the website.

5000 E Ocean Blvd at Granada Ave., Long Beach 90803, (Belmont Shore)

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