Local Food Blogger Gets a Book Deal

Local food blogger (he's in the 909) Marvin Galputos started Burnt Lumpia to learn and explore Filipino food, the cuisine of his homeland. That led him to creating the first Filipino food truck in LA, The Manila Machine.

But yesterday, Galputos revealed something he had been hoping would happen for years. "I've been daydreaming about writing this particular blog post and making this particular announcement since perhaps day one of this blog," he writes. "I've got a cookbook deal!!! A cookbook deal!!! A mother-effing cookbook deal!!!

A working title of The New Filipino-American Cookbook has been proposed, and his manuscript is due by January 2012. The book, he hopes, will be on Amazon and in bookstores by Fall 2012.

Another local food blogger, Bee Yin Low, who writes Rasa Malaysia, is slated to have her cookbook come out sometime in the fall of this year.


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