Lobsta Truck Coming To OC
Lobsta Truck

Lobsta Truck Coming To OC

Many luxe loncheras originate in LA and then slowly make their way down the map to OC (hurry, we're hungry!), but here's one that's truly worth the wait.  

Lobsta Truck announced on Twitter that it's launching an OC truck later this month. Yay!

The bright-red mobile eatery is known for its New England-style lobster roll--a perfectly buttered and toasted split-top bun piled with chunks of Maine-imported lobster. You can order it two ways: dressed with mayo, salt and pepper, or simply sprinkled with drawn butter. They've also got a crab roll and other New England classics such as clam chowder, Cape Cod potato chips, Whoopie pies and Maine Root's sodas. 

The truck is taking OC location suggestions here

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