Life After Top Chef Show Announced By Bravo

Life After Top Chef Show Announced By Bravo

No one needs to know what Fabio Viviani, ex-Top Chef cheftestant and general media butterfly has been doing. He's everywhere, most recently at the OC Fair. But how about that Jen Carroll or Richard Blais. What have they been up to after the show? 
Bravo has announced a show that will explore just that. The network will debut Life After Top Chef on October 3rd featuring Viviani, Carroll, Blais, and Spike Mendelsohn in their respective cities dealing with opening restaurants while juggling other stressors like families and overbearing mothers. 

Judging by the preview and the premise, it seems that there will be a lot less cooking and food porn, more drama of the Real Housewives variety. A preview of it can be seen below.

Coincidentally the next season of Top Chef is being filmed as we speak in Seattle.

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