Lemonade Opens Today At Fashion Island

Lemonade Opens Today At Fashion Island
Lemonade LA

The words "cafeteria line" sound anything but sexy, unless you've experienced the thrill that is pushing a bright tray along the serving-window track of Lemonade. Today, the gourmet, choose-your-own-adventure eatery opens at Fashion Island, the first location outside of Los Angeles. There's an array of delicious options--salads, sandwiches, flatbreads, slow-simmered stews, desserts, along with the restaurant's namesake, freshly squeezed lemonade (try the spinach pineapple, a seasonal special).

Tomorrow, the menu will be different. Can we go back every day?!

Lemonade, Fashion Island, 401 Newport Center Drive, Suite: 987, Newport Beach, (949) 717-7525; www.lemonadela.com

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