Latino Health Access to Hold Annual Tamale Fundraiser December 10

Latino Health Access' classic tamalada artwork...
Latino Health Access' classic tamalada artwork...

In a city swimming with non-profits, SanTana's Latino Health Access (LHA) is perhaps the most powerful--not in connections with movers or shakers, or in a vast endowment, but in its ability to transform lives and communities with old-fashioned, Back of the Yards-style organizing. Emblematic of this grassroots organizing is LHA's annual showcase--not some fancy fundraiser but a tamalada, an old-fashioned tamale session.

It's perhaps the yummiest fundraiser in Orange County, a years-long tradition--and it's happening in two weeks. Details after the jump!

It's quite simple, actually: you can either attend the dinner, which only nets you a couple of tamales, or pre-order a dozen at $20, your choice of chicken or rajas con queso--not a bad offer considering the money goes to a worthwhile organization and maintain a good flavor even with a modified recipe for diabetics.

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, and see you there!

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