KTown Night Market & OC Block Party at Angel Stadium August 22 & 23

Right about the time you'll start missing the OC Fair when it ends this weekend comes KTown Night Market & OC Block Party--a Korean-ish gathering of 60 food vendors and trucks that will happen August 22 to 23 at Angel Stadium from 4 p.m. to midnight.

There will be live performances by David Choi, and Jason Yang (official violinist for Madonna). Did you know Madonna had an official violinist? Well she does. And he's Korean.

Among the food celebrities will be Seoul Sausage, the Season 3 winners of the Food Network's The Great Food Truck Race. 20 other food trucks including Cool Haus, Slangin Corea, and Fluff Ice fill the line-up of mobile vendors, but the rest of the 40 food vendors will probably be like what you've seen at the OC Night Market, slinging street food cooked by propane-fueled stoves, woks and deep-fryers.

Unlike the OC Night Market, tickets are free for the first thousand purchasers on their website (Enter promotional code: OCBlockParty). It'll be $3 for attendee #1001 and onwards.

More information? Get it on their website or Facebook page.

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