Krispy Kreme Giving Away Donuts Friday for National Donut Day

Krispy Kreme Giving Away Donuts Friday for National Donut Day

Alright guys, it's the time of year when you get to decide just exactly how much your time is worth again.

Why? Because This Friday, June 6 is National Donut Day, and you know what happens on that day? That's right, Krispy Kreme is giving away free donuts, you just have to brave that line.

So, how much is your time worth.

If the answer is "not that much," then you'll probably want to know the details. This Friday, Krispy Kreme will be giving away one donut per customer in celebration of National Donut Day. It's limited to participating locations, but all of the locations in Southern California should be taking part, just call before hand just to make sure.

For those of you braving that line, god speed. And for those of you who decided that however long you're going to wait it worth more than the dollar you're going to save, well, see you at Krispy Kreme the day after. Follow Stick a Fork In It on Twitter @ocweeklyfood or on Facebook! And don't forget to download our free Best Of App here!

You can also follow Charles Lam on Twitter @charlesnlam. He's less sardonic there, we swear.

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