Kingfu Master Piece.EXPAND
Kingfu Master Piece.
Edwin Goei

Kingfu Master Opens in Irvine

One of our most prolific tipsters sent me an e-mail that a new restaurant has moved into the old Irvine location of Hen House, next to Wholesome Choice on Culver and Michelson. 

The place, it turns out, is called Kingfu Master. No, not Kung Fu Master; Kingfu Master. And it specializes in noodles—beef noodle soup (a.k.a. niu rou mian) to be exact, which, as I've said before in past posts, is to Irvine as pho is to Westminster.  

The menu, which I include here, is all noodle—either in a soup topped with braised meats, mixed with sauces, or stir fried. But it appears you also have the option of building your own noodle bowl by choosing the sauce or soup (which includes the same options as the regular menu), the noodles you want (tri-color noodles, rice noodles, knife-cut noodles, egg noodles, or its house noodle), and a side dish.

Use your noodle.EXPAND
Use your noodle.
Edwin Goei

The owner of the Kingfu Master also happens to own E + Boba, which just opened inside the Wholesome Choice foodcourt itself a few months ago. 


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