Kids' Restaurant Week: Meet the Restaurants

Kids' Restaurant Week: Meet the Restaurants

About six weeks ago, Edwin announced that there would be a Restaurant Week for kids in June. Details were sketchy, and they still are, but the initial list of participating restaurants has been posted to the event's website. While some of the restaurants on the initial list are obviously kid-friendly places (Beach Pit BBQ, Medieval Times, Pat and Oscar's, Ruby's Diner), there are some surprisingly high-end places. When was the last time you took your kid to the Anaheim White House or Tradition by Pascal? I look forward to introducing my preschool-age kid to new foods.

If you have kids who could use a little expansion of their dining horizons, this sounds like a great opportunity to do it. If you're the kind of person who tenses at the first gurgle from a child in a restaurant, check the list for places not to be the week of June 27.

Finally, thanks to the participating establishments and a request: for the love of Jamie Oliver, please put some effort into this. If I take my daughter out that week and find a beige sea of deep-fried chicken nuggets, mac 'n cheese and fries, I am going to be very upset.

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