Jason Quinn and Daniel Shemtob
Jason Quinn and Daniel Shemtob
Photo by Christopher Victorio

Jason Quinn of The Lime Truck, Part One

When I say that The Lime Truck is the youngest of OC's new age food trucks, I mean it. It's as green to the scene as their bright lime paint job. As you read this post, the truck would've been on the road roughly a month.

The two guys behind the venture are also fresh-faced and young. Founder Daniel Shemtob just turned 22. And the subject of this Q&A, his partner Chef Jason Quinn, is the ripe old age of 24.

But this does not mean that Jason hasn't cut his teeth in kitchens all over OC. He's worked at Houstons and Charlie Palmer, among others.

Here Chef Jason answers our silly questions.

What are six words to describe your food?

Ingredient-driven, fresh, playful, erotic, exciting.

What are ten words to describe you?

I want to make sure I leave a culinary impact.

Your best recent food find:

Achiote paste. It's made from the annatto seed. It's delicious and cheap. We mix it with orange juice and salt and rub it all over our pork shoulders for carnitas.

Most undervalued ingredient:


Rules of conduct in your kitchens:

Work tight. Work neat. Don't use my knives. If you use my knives, I better not be able to tell.

One food you detest:

Chicken nuggets.

One food you can't live without:

Pork belly.

Culinarily speaking, Orange County has the best:

Potential for greatness. I believe that in 10 years we will have several Michelin starred restaurants.

What fast food is your least favorite?


Best culinary tip for the home cook.

I have 3.

1. Go for it.
2. If you can make it at home, don't buy it elsewhere.
3. Salt, use it, love it, understand it.

After-work hangout:

If I'm drinking: Mesa. If I'm eating and drinking: Charlie Palmers at Bloomingdales.

If you could cook for one person, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

Tom Collichio. I want to know if I could win Top Chef with my food.

Favorite celebrity chef.

Homar Cantu, chef/owner of Moto in Chicago.

Celebrity chef who should shut up:

Rachel Ray.

What's next for you?

A Lime café, another truck, who knows. If I had unlimited funds, I'd have a 30-person place that had a one sitting a night, open 5 days a week with a different menu every day.

Proudest moment as a chef/restaurant owner:

This interview.

Favorite music to cook by:

Changes every day. I dig Nujabes, MSTRKRFT, Morcheeba, Tupac, The Mars Volta.

Best food city in America:

Is it even a question? New York City.

Favorite restaurant in America:

If I'm paying: Tagine in L.A. If you're paying: Bazaar at the SLS Hotel in Hollywood.

The Lime Truck, thelimetruck.com. Follow the Lime Truck on Twitter @TheLimeTruck!


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