Japanese Anime Starts Tank Food Trend

The restaurant!
The restaurant!

In news that can literally only come out of Japan, a Japanese Anime about tank-racing school girls has inspired fans to cook up some tank-shaped food.

Girls und Panzer, an anime set in a world where traditional tank fighting is a girl-dominated sport, features a tank-themed restaurant where the main characters are served tank-shaped dishes by miniature.. tanks. Fans have taken it among themselves to recreate some of the dishes, and they amazingly don't look horrible. (See what I mean by only in Japan?)

Not bad for animated, tank-shaped katsu
Not bad for animated, tank-shaped katsu

There are tank cakes, tank katsu and tank sushi. Imgur User t33k3ss3lch3n has graciously created an album, so check it out here. What're the chances the trend comes stateside? Well, I'm sure some weeaboo's already done it, but I prefer my Japanese food mostly food shaped, thank you very much.

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