Japan Has a "Just Add Water" Build-A-Burger Kit

Japan Has a "Just Add Water" Build-A-Burger Kit

A video uploaded onto YouTube last week shows a Japanese build-your-own fast food burger combo meal kit from packets of powder. It is frankly, insane. Watching the video of the step-by-step process that takes the "just add water" concept to new uncharted territories is trippy already...but then you find out the things are supposedly edible and tastes like the real thing.

Right about now, you could say that if people take the time, money and effort to build model cars and airplanes from kits; why not this? Why not fast food?

How about because you're more likely to spend more time and money on the kit than you would an actual burger combo?

Still, I want this. It's nothing short of sorcery that these items all came from packets of powder that purportedly use chicken and pork ingredients. It's almost art. There are other videos by the same user chronicling similar kits to make cupcakes and donuts (all from the same brand called Happy Kitchen), not to mention other videos from other users using the same kits; but this one is the coolest. I've never been interested in model cars anyway.

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