Jagdish Saini of Punjabi Tandoor, Part One
Todd Barnes / OC Weekly

Jagdish Saini of Punjabi Tandoor, Part One

What do you do when you run an immensely successful, hugely popular Indian restaurant in northern San Diego? You expand, of course, and thus Punjabi Tandoor has landed in downtown Anaheim. Our own little bit of Artesia features the best navratan korma in OC, addictive samosas and great kheer. This week we have Jagdish Saini, the master behind the cooking, on the line.

OC Weekly: If you could teach the whole world one thing about Punjabi cuisine, what would it be?

Jagdish Saini: What the most authentic north Indian food looks like.

OCW: What's your favorite dish on your menu?

JS: Lamb Rogan Josh.

OCW: The original Punjabi Tandoor in San Diego is very popular; do you have more plans for expansion?

JS: Yes. We are planing to take Punjabi Tandoor to Las Vegas in the near future.

OCW: What's your favorite restaurant besides your own, anywhere in the world?

JS: Crocodile Cafe.

OCW: Who taught you to cook? How did you get into cooking?

JS: I always had a passion for cooking; I learned from my father.

OCW: What's one dish you wish you could sell (or sell more of)?

JS: The most traditional north Indian dish, Kadai Bakra [Goat]

OCW: What made you pick downtown Anaheim for your restaurant?

JS: It's a great city and down the street from Disneyland.

OCW: When you're at the market, what do you buy two of?

JS: Almost everything!

OCW: One of the best things about Indian cuisine is the amazing attention given to vegetables. What's your favorite vegetarian dish?

JS: Navratan Korma [mixed vegetables]

Punjabi Tandoor is located at 327 S. Anaheim Blvd. #A, Anaheim; (714) 635-3155; punjabitandoor.com.


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