Is Brea Downtown Doomed?

Brea, Brea, what is going on with your downtown? The grand civic experiment that housed some of the only non-chain restaurants in the entire city is now sprouting more and more blank doorways as restaurants close.

Is Brea Downtown Doomed?

First Carvao Grill, the only OC Brazilian place that served anything besides churrasco, closed (it's now storage for a bunch of signs for some "conservative" running for political office). Now Pane e Vino has shuttered, after a massive slide in quality of both food and service, if Yelp is to be believed.

So tell me, Gentle Readers, besides Taps, Mammalucco's, the Hat and La Vie en Rose, only one of which is in Brea Downtown anyway, what's to eat up there? Cha Cha's looked lively (the only place up there besides Starbucks that can boast of that). Is it any good?

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