There may be an entire aisle, but there's only one Cock Sauce
There may be an entire aisle, but there's only one Cock Sauce
Willy Blackmore

Irwindale Sues Huy Fong Over Too-Spicy Sriracha Factory

Sriracha shoes, lip balm, water bottles and the Sriracha movie may all be hot commodities, but the city of Irwindale has no love for the aerosol version of the universally-adored hot sauce.

Irwindale, where Sriracha producer Huy Fong Foods opened their new factory last year, filed a lawsuit against the company in Los Angeles County Superior Court on Monday asking a judge to halt all production until the fumes from the factories can be reduced.

The start of a Sriracha shortage? Hopefully not.

Irwindale contends that the fumes from the factories cause headaches, burning eyes and throat problems. The suit says that originally, Huy Fong worked with the city -- which reportedly helped build the factory with redevelopment funds -- on ways to reduce the fumes but Huy Fong eventually stopped cooperating, saying that their employees worked under the same circumstances but suffered no issues.

A shut down of the factory now could adversely affect next year's Sriracha supply. Huy Fong's peak production period is between the months of September and December, with the most chilis going through factory between September and October. The 655,000 square foot facility can produce 200 million bottles of the bottled crack per year.

Approximately 30 residents have filed complaints with the city about the factory, Irwindale City Attorney Fred Galante told the LA Times. But I know wayyyy more than 30 who'll be up in arms if any shutdown lasts too long.

A judge is set to look at the complaint Thursday.

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