Irvine to Get A New Korean BBQ
Edwin Goei

Irvine to Get A New Korean BBQ

For quite a while I knew that a new business called "All That BBQ" was going to open at Culver Plaza in Irvine, but I had no idea if it was a restaurant or perhaps a BBQ equipment supplier like BBQ's Galore.

Well as it turns out, it is, indeed, a restaurant. Not just a restaurant but a Korean BBQ. It's not that Irvine isn't lacking in Korean BBQs, but for Culver Plaza, which will soon also have a Mongolian hot pot joint when Little Sheep opens, a Korean BBQ will make a nice bookend, not to mention act as the yin to its yang (one requires you to boil own meat while the other requires you to broil it).

The location, just a few doors down from the 99 Ranch Market where there used to be a jewelry store, is still in the beginning stages; but the owners have already applied for and been granted a beer and wine license.

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