Inaugural Costa Mesa Restaurant Week to Be In August

Add Costa Mesa to the ever-growing roster of cities that have decided, "Hey, this restaurant week thing is a pretty lucrative way to get customers to spend money they otherwise wouldn't on a typical week!" It joins Irvine, Fullerton and Newport Beach as a city not content to wait until those OC Restaurant Week folks hold an next February. Does it dilute that event? Maybe. But a deal is a deal.

And it's not the first discounted period held in the city. A different set of organizers held a whole four weeks of discounts with a Costa Mesa Restaurant Month earlier this year. Now, a new consortium is promoting Costa Mesa's first restaurant week from Aug. 19 to 26. Prices are set as low as $10.11 for a multicourse lunch to $40.11 for dinner.

Participating restaurants are heavily represented by South Coast Plaza-adjacent eateries, including Hamamori, Pinot Provence, Charlie Palmer, AnQi and Pizzeria Ortica. The website has the details on what places are offering.

Notable among them is the steakhouse of steakhouses, Mastro's, which has a $40.11 deal for your choice of soup or salad, a protein (which includes a 10-ounce New York strip), two sides and a dessert. As anyone who has been to Mastro's lately can tell you, that amount wouldn't get you that much mileage on a typical night on a typical week.

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