Hawaiian Revolving Sushi Chain Opens First California Store In Santa Ana

As Dave reported back in November, Genki Sushi--the revolving sushi chain that practically owns the revolving sushi market in Hawaii (there are 10 on the small island of Oahu alone)--is now open, taking over a defunct Sanrio store at MainPlace Mall in Santa Ana.

The restaurant, which by the way is not affiliated with a locally based non-conveyor belt sushi chain of the same name, is the first of its brand to land in California. There are stores in the Seattle area.

If you're keeping track, Genki Sushi marks the sixth sushi restaurant to employ conveyor belts in OC. But it may be the first to use an angry emoticon as its logo and mascot. Seriously, that guy looks like Jack in the Box's persistently perturbed Asian cousin.

2800 N. Main Street #1040, Santa Ana, CA 92705

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