Stay Classy, Southern California.EXPAND
Stay Classy, Southern California.
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Great Odin's Raven! A Will Ferrell-Themed Pop-Up Bar is Opening in Hollywood on Monday

In case the bar scenes in Zooport, HB, and SanTana aren't crowded enough for your liking, fashion mogul Jacobim Mugatu and legendary anchorman Ron Burgundy are finally be a reason to make the long trek up to LA for a night out.

From December 5-15, the lounge of Hollywood's TCL Chinese Theater (yes, the one smack in the middle of the most crowded/touristy/overrated part of California) will be transformed into Stay Classy, the West Coast version of the Will Ferrell-themed bar that took New York by storm last year.

With events like an ugly sweater party on December 7 and a holiday pajama party the next day, you're probably going to want to plan your nice little day around it instead of going to Home Depot to buy some wallpaper and maybe get some flooring. Maybe you can even squeeze in Bed, Bath & Beyond before you head to Hollywood, but I don't know if you'll have enough time.

ITS ALL HAPPENING IN LA! @eater_la @laistpics rsvp and stay tuned! #stayclassyla

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Although there's no way of knowing if they'll have anything to eat from any of the four major food groups (candy, candy cane, candy corn, and syrup), there'll be limited edition merchandise for sale and the drinks from the NYC location look pretty spectacular and filled with enough references from Ferrell's movies to put any fan in a glass case of emotion (here's to hoping there's a shoutout to his alma mater, Irvine's University High). The bar will also be raising money for the actor's Cancer for College charity, because if Bruce Dickinson wants you to donate to charity, you should probably donate to charity.

It's somewhat unlikely Ferrell himself will show up to the bar (after all, he's yet to make it to the Catalina Wine Mixer), but anything's possible. After all, if you bump into Randy Jackson there and all you have on you is a samurai sword, you're not gonna not get Randy Jackson's autograph, right?

Of course, with all of Southern California undoubtedly clamoring to visit the lounge dedicated to the Irvine native, you can't just show up at the door and expect to get in. If you're interested in heading to the spot where everyone ceases to be co-workers and just exists as co-people, you'll have to RSVP by texting "classy" to 929-291-0337.

Here's hoping a successful pop-up escalates quickly leads to a permanent location. Don't act like you're not impressed.


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