Ginger Margarita at True Food Kitchen, Our Drink of the Week!
Photo by Charisma Madarang

Ginger Margarita at True Food Kitchen, Our Drink of the Week!

Guest post by Charisma Madarang!

The über-modern building that houses True Food Kitchen blends seamlessly into Fashion Island's hoity toity restaurants, a très chic mess hall, wide and open with striped seat benches and mesh chairs strategically buffering polished wooden tables. The walls separate into cool yellows and lime green tiling; outside, the patio features an elongated stone fire pit creating a cozy ambiance. True Food, of course, is a chain promising holistic eating and delivering surprisingly good meals.

This trendsetting vibe continues onto the menu, which boasts sustainable, organic and local ingredients. The drink menu itself is a sight to marvel over, from the Cucumber-Citrus Skinny Margarita to Eel River's Organic Açai Berry Wheat Ale. However, it's the Ginger Margarita that wows the most.
Its robust flavors originate from a delightful combination of Hornitos añejo tequila, lemon juice, St. Germain liqueur and ginger agave syrup. The pale yellow drink is accompanied by a twisted orange peel singed and held over a flame, then pinched to release the zest into the drink. That initial boldness of the tequila, ginger and liqueur are subdued by the lemon, and the orange zing cuts into the sharp ginger taste, creating a subtle, bitter sweetness. A divine overflow of flavors--of the most sustainable kind, of course!

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