Get Foie Gras--On Your T-Shirt
Flavour Gallery

Get Foie Gras--On Your T-Shirt

If you're the type that likes to wear your cause on your sleeve, this may be just your size. As part of their fight against California's pending ban on foie gras (only 45 days away!), the Coalition for Humane and Ethical Farming Standards (C.H.E.F.S.), which Haven Gastropub's chef Greg Daniels is a part of, has teamed up with food-focused fashion company Flavour Gallery to create a limited-edition T-shirt that says "Touche Pas A Mon Foie Gras." Translation: Don't Touch My Foie Gras. It comes in guys' and gals' sizes and 10-percent of sales go to the cause.  

Of course, wearing it out may slightly cross into douchebag territory, unless you're a chef. If you're a chef, you can wear whatever you want--you have knives. 

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