Fusion Taco Truck Action In OC This Week (And I Don't Mean Kogi)

There's been some fusion food truck action going on recently in OC. And I'm not talking about Kogi, which already has its dedicated truck called Naranja servicing our streets.

I'm talking about the Kogi facsimiles Oishii Tacos and Calbi Tacos. Both were spotted this week by my buddies Chubbypanda and ChristianZ on two separate occasions, at two separate locations.

Calbi was parked in front of the Trader Joes by UCI on Monday and came back to OC at a Tustin bike shop on Tuesday. Oishii Tacos, on the other hand, has been hanging around mostly in OC since its inception. Christian caught up with them in Santa Ana yesterday but it'll be at the Anaheim Farmers Market on Thursday. Interested in tempura tacos? Check 'em out or look up the schedule here for other appearances.


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