Frito-Lay's Fiery Fusion Cheetos Are Gross

Frito-Lay's Fiery Fusion Cheetos Are Gross

​As devout devourers of Frito-Lay's hot everything--Cheetos (obviously), Tapatío Fritos, heck, even Jalapeño Jack Sun Chips--we pounce at the opportunity to add new variations to our crack snack pile. 

Fiery Fusion Cheetos, flavored with sizzlin' cayenne and cheese, sounded weird, but promising. The bag says they're a "spicy sensation," featuring a "burning blend" of jalapeños and other spices.  


I am sad to report that they are terrible. Whereas Flamin' Hot Cheetos have me digging through my fingernails for every last speck of that addictive red powder, these things are a struggle to swallow. There's a subtle slow burn that travels through your mouth, but the spices have that artificial, lab-made taste. There's some cayenne in there, and some cheese, but the mixture clashes. A couple chomps and I was done.  

Frito-Lay's Fiery Fusion Cheetos Are Gross
Michelle Woo

I haven't tried the Doritos version yet, but for now, I'm busy chugging water to get this taste out of my mouth. Bleh.  

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