Free Freshly Baked Sweet at Corner Bakery

Corner Bakery does a lot of free food giveaways. In the past, it's done so many, it actually set-up an appointment system so that us cheapskates wouldn't mob its restaurants all at once just to get whatever item it has decided to offer at no charge.

Now the chain is offering a free freshly baked sweet, but it's ditching the system. There's just a coupon: THIS ONE. And all you have to do it is print it, go there, and hand it over (by January 11, 2016) to redeem it for whatever freshly baked sweet you want for free.

This means a free slice of pound cake in lemon or pumpkin, dessert bars in maple or maple pecan, cinnamon creme cake, blueberry or lemon hand pies, brownies, bundt cakes both regular and "Bottoms Up" , and rugalach. What's a rugalach? Well, here's your chance to find out without spending a cent or making an online appointment—which is so 2015!


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