Food Snobbery Invades Facebook With 'The Food List Challenge'

Food Snobbery Invades Facebook With 'The Food List Challenge'
So you already post daily snapshots of the amaaaazing dishes you've had at hole-in-the-wall joints across the world. Now you can quantify your gastronomic prowess with The Food List Challenge

It's a quiz that's all over my Facebook feed. Users of the app check off all the items they've tried on a list of  "100 foods to eat before you die." There's the requisite (foie gras, snail, kobe beef) to nostalgic (Frito pie, s'mores, funnel cake) to the niche (crickets, durian) to the huh?! (pineapple and cottage cheese). 

I took the quiz and scored a 70. That's, like, a C-! (Don't tell my Asian parents.) Though graded on a curve, it's not bad considering the developers believe most people have eaten fewer than 20 of the 100 foods. Also, who knows? I could have consumed umeboshi, dandelion wine and black pudding in my lifetime and not been paying attention. Highly possible.  

So . . . what's your number

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