Food Frenzy, Orange County Register's Food Blog, Kaput :-(

Food Frenzy alumn Niyaz Pirani, who's now doing better things...blogging for us haha!
Food Frenzy alumn Niyaz Pirani, who's now doing better things...blogging for us haha!

The story of the Orange County Register has always been one step forward, one leap back. Take their food section, which has held so much promise for so long with various generations of reporters but always seems to want to fail. The Reg did a great hire with Brad A. Johnson, whose first review is set for next week--but today, the Reg announced they're offing their Food Frenzy blog.


"Yes, Food Frenzy is coming to an end," Register reporter Claudia Koerner wrote today. "Don't fret, though-I'm happy to report there's some exciting things happening with our food coverage at the Register. Stay tuned!"

Food Frenzy was originally known as the Gluttonista, and penned by Katherine Nguyen, who now does publicity for South Coast Metro (and whom we once noted had a "great ass"). It was great, it highlighted food that had never been covered in the Reg--and it was doomed. Seriously: Food Frenzy was a death wish for any reporter who wrote for them, although a good one, since every reporter who has written for it is now in a better place, career-wise, than the Register.

Koerner's friendly with us, but she doesn't spill secrets, so I'm wondering what the "exciting things" may be. Time to mine our the meanwhile, best of luck, Claudia: you were a good food writer, and if that's what you want to do, you have a definite future. Hey, I'm always looking for more blogger to join our daily desmadre here...

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