Brasserie Pascal's foie gras two years ago.
Brasserie Pascal's foie gras two years ago.
Johannes Dewald

Foie Gras Dinner in LA this Week--With an OC Connection!

No matter where you stand on the issue of foie gras--whether you believe some chefs who think that government should not dictate what we can and cannot eat, or you're on the side of the activists who think gavage, the process of force-feeding birds to make foie gras, is the very definition of cruelty--you can't argue opinion wasn't a side dish to a plate of goose liver when it was banned in California two years ago.

Now we've gotten word that there will be an event in L.A. where foie will be served this Thursday.

We got this e-mail and was invited to share it with you folks:

We would like to cordially invite you to an intimate evening of banished delectables and forbidden delights with none other than Parisian transplants, FAKE MUSIC.

Join us for a Foie Gras tasting menu brought to you by [name redacted]

This culinary curation will be accompanied by aural treats including the latest unreleased records from FAKE Music, a sponsored bar, and other surprises for the senses.

The Secret Downtown Location will be revealed the night of to all who RSVP, so please respond to this email by Tuesday, December 2nd.

Due to the grey legality of this event, please keep the location private.

Looking forward to seeing you

OC chefs are scheduled to participate--but we won't say who.

So are you a PETA member who's appalled? A gourmand who wants to attend? A member of law enforcement looking to bust up the entire affair? E-mail your disgust, interest, or stern-worded warning to and leave us the hell out of it.

We still have leftover turkey to finish.

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