Five Great Brawls at Taco Shops, Complete With Videos

Fights involving grievous injury or even death--like what happened last month in Santa Ana, in which two groups at a Mexican restaurant fought over which Mexican state was the best, only to result in the murder of an innocent bystander--are a depressing reminder of man's inhumanity to man. But fights involving people getting pwned--like what happened when skinheads drove into Huntington Beach's Slater Slums to kill a Mexican, only to have their asses handed to them by the victim's family and friends--are HILARIOUS. Two of the latter recently happened in taquerías. You can see those after the jump, along with three other taquería tussles in a similar vein.

1. Taquería Fight, Street Fighter II-Style!

This fight happened in Eastvale, California, in January of this year, but the video only emerged last week. Some mad genius scored it to the sounds of Street Fighter II, that legendary 1990s arcade game on which a generation of young males wasted quarters. It's already the best food-related video of the year, but not even the most-viewed. The following one is. . . .

2. Taquería Fight, Tranny-Style!

This one happened just last week in San Diego's Hillcrest neighborhood and even made the Smoking Gun, that repository of all that is weird and wonderful in the world of crime.

3. Taquería Fight, TNA-Style!

I don't watch pro wrestling as much as I used to, but it's always entertaining to watch the ballet of buffoons. Here, two of them fight at bro fave the Pink Taco--I don't know the storyline, but the beatdowns are well-executed.

4. Taco-Shop Fight, Food-Flinging-Females-Style!

The rare fight in which everyone wins, and everyone loses. Check out the guy who stays with the girls until finally deciding to retire . . . to the table right behind.

5. Taco-Shop Fight, Taco-Style!

Okay, so the footage is beyond grainy, but the intent is appreciated. . . .


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