Eso Es Todo Amigo at Matador Cantina, Our Drink of the Week!

Eso Es Todo Amigo at Matador Cantina, Our Drink of the Week!

I remember downtown Fullerton when it was abandoned buildings awaiting the wrecking ball. I remember downtown Fullerton when antique shops brought in nothing but coffin dodgers, and the only cool place for young adults was Black Hole Records, the Hub, and the Reagan Years. I remember downtown Fullerton as it gradually transformed into the county's second vomitorium after HB's Main Steet, a place where graduates from Anaheim and Fullerton high schools who never did anything with their lives relived their prep yours by pounding shots and Coronas.

That was about a decade ago; ever since, the downtown scene has calmed a bit, and quality places have sneaked in between the douche bars and lounges that shall remain nameless. This is a post, after all, devoted to praising Matador Cantina, which started off on good footing and seems to improve every month, not just in its elegant Bro-Mex cuisine, but with magnificent cocktails pushing frat boys and sorority girls past the margarita and into daring terrain--like the hilariously named Eso Es Todo Amigo.

I was skeptical upon spotting it on Matador's cocktail menu--although I like elderflower liqueur and tequila, I can't stand grapefruit juice. But placed together in a shaker under Matador's expert bartenders, the Eso Es Todo Amigos ("That's All, Folks" for the three of you who still don't habla--and what's wrong with you?!), it turned into something approximating the one grapefruit product I do enjoy: Squirt. The syrupy nature of the Asombroso reposado and the flowery allure of elderflower anchored the sweet part; cutting that into two wonderful halves was the grapefruit juice squeezed fresh in front of you. It's as light as the soda, but much more potent--a grand elixir to staying classy once you step out into the Fullerton night.

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