Emeril Lagasse Takes on Florida but We'd Like Him to Come to Orange County.

Emeril Lagasse Takes on Florida but We'd Like Him to Come to Orange County.

Emeril Lagasse has done it all in his long career in the culinary world. He's an accomplished chef and regional James Beard Award winner, he's a successful restaurateur with eateries all over the US, he's written plenty of amazing cookbooks enabling us to channel our inner chef, and most notably, he won a place in all of our hearts on his many TV shows with popular catch phrases like "Bam!" and "Kick it up a notch." As if all of that wasn't enough, 2013 is bringing us more Emeril as he debuts his newest venture with the Cooking Channel on January 6th called Emeril's Florida.

With this new show we'll get the chance to tour hot spots all around Florida, discover delicious places to dine while there, and learn new recipes all from the master himself as Emeril steps into the kitchen to showcase his skills. Emeril's Florida is somewhat like an action packed vacation for you and Emeril. How about that for kicking it up a notch? Before the show's debut on Sunday, we got the chance to get the scoop from Emeril on what to expect from this season as well as dropping a not so subtle hint that his next season should include beautiful Orange County. Sorry...we just couldn't help ourselves.

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OC Weekly (Ali Lerman): I like to assume that in the everyday life of a chef they don't really feel like cooking when they get home. When you aren't in the mood to cook, what is your "go-to" take-out meal?

Emeril Lagasse: Well you know what they say about assuming! I actually love to cook at home with my kids whenever I can but if I'm going to do take-out, I always love good Chinese food or pizza.

You come up with a ton of recipes, do you ever get "recipe block" like writers get "writers block?"

Creating recipes is the core of what chefs love to do. Sure we hit road blocks but the best way to get over it to just get in the kitchen and get your hands dirty. I'm often inspired when I'm cooking with my kids and testing out new flavors on them.

As a judge on Top Chef Seattle you are obviously giving constructive criticism but really, does it make you feel bad giving them the news that their dish just seriously sucked?

The only way to get better is to take the good parts out of a bad dish. I always try to motivate the contestants with learning from their mistakes and drawing out the positives.

OK so I know this would NEVER happen but....you're on death row. What is your last meal request?

I actually get asked this a lot...my last meal. I think I change it every time I'm asked too. Today I'd answer that my last dish would be a Paella. I'm really into Spanish influence right now.

Give us the run down on your new show Emeril's Florida. It's on pretty early out here but you know...DVR's.

This show will give people a bird's eye view into everything Florida and all of its amazing offerings. I travel all over visiting great restaurants like Fish Out of Water in Walton County, fishing with the Governor, and exploring places like citrus farms and cattle ranches. It's all things Florida every minute.

What state will you feature for your next season and might I suggest California and specifically, heading to Orange County?

Right now I'm focused on Florida but I always welcome requests!

You can follow Emeril Lagasse on Twitter @Emeril and find out even more info about Emeril's Florida on the Cooking Channel's website. Don't forget to catch the premiere episode (or set your DVR) of Emeril's Florida on Sunday January 6th at 7:30am (PST).

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