Mangia, mangia!
Mangia, mangia!
Photo by The Mexican

Eat This Now: Sicilian Street Food Friday at Il Barone Bottega

At the end of each week, the folks behind Il Barone Bottega--one of the more underrated delis in Orange County, with products from across Italy and gelato airier than a bubble--put on Sicilian Street Food Friday. Their regular menu of paninis and pastas remain, but making a great cameo is a galaxy of--yep!--Sicilian street food nearly impossible to find elsewhere in the county.

Better eaters are probably familiar with ariancine, fried rice balls filled with any sorts of goodies--best meatballs ever. But what about the scaccias? These rolled pizzas are spectacular, crispy and saucy and available in veggie or meat options. Even better, though, is the facciri, essentially a baked sandwich made from focaccia that collapses under its flavor, so packed it is with proscuitto, truffle oil and crescenza cheese.

That's really about it with the offerings, probably because the place is still criminally under-visited. Maybe if more folks go, they'll expand the menu. But in the meanwhile, delight--and, yes, mangia mangia.

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