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We all scream for...
Edwin Goei

Eat This Now: Ice Cream at Yogurtland

On NBC's afterlife comedy The Good Place, there's a running joke that heaven has a lot of frozen yogurt shops. At one point, their ubiquity makes Kristen Bell's character ask the architect of the Good Place, played by Ted Danson, "What is it with you and frozen yogurt? Have you not heard of ice cream?"

The answer he gives is a hilarious non sequitur, but it makes perfect sense why he designed a heaven with frozen-yogurt shops everywhere. Think of the last time you went to get frozen yogurt: You relaxed. You forgot your troubles. You let your guard down. You found your own Good Place.

That said, just like Bell's character, I've always preferred ice cream over froyo. So when Yogurtland finally started offering ice cream, I tried it. It was long overdue. It's milkier than its usual froyo, with a richness that lets you know it's going to cost you an extra half-hour on the treadmill. It is, however, just soft serve—the same kind you've been able to get anywhere that does soft serve. Revolutionary, this ain't. Regardless, it is now my favorite thing at Yogurtland.

And if there are frozen desserts in heaven, it won't be froyo. If you no longer need to worry about calories and cholesterol, who would pick it over ice cream?

To find your closest Yogurtland, visit www.yogurt-land.com.


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