Photo by Niyaz Pirani

Eat This Now: Chorizo Burger at Civic

Those cabrones at Civic in SanTana sure stick to their local-local-local mantra. Not only do they do a lot of their produce shopping at the Thursday downtown Farmer's Market, they source their chorizo from the legendary Ochoa's Chorizo in the city. Mild, spicy, even the green kind, the links pop up in different dishes, none better than in their wondrous chorizo burger.

A puffy, crisped brioche bun cradles a hockey-puck of mixed meats--the mild-flavored, still-punchy pork and a fatty-enough, sturdy grind of beef (sorry, no word on the cut or provenance, hipsters!). Ochoa's chorizo cooks up nearly greaseless, which helps to keep this burger from leaking a neon orange oil slick that would've been the fatal flaw of a lesser chorizo burger. Zippy arugula and a thin smear of creamy, house-made bacon-(mystery) cheese spread are used in an amount that still lets the patty front this band. You can add more, including caramelized onions and bacon strips, though our only suggestion is to throw an egg on that bitch, and let the yolk gush everywhere.

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