Layers upon layers of...layers
Layers upon layers of...layers
Photo by The Mexican

Eat This Now: Briami at Kentro Greek Kitchen

I always forget how great Kentro is until business takes me to downtown Fullerton, and I want a quick, cheap, delicious eat. Nothing against all the other wonderful spots in the area, but Kentro beats them all. Consider something as simple as their briami, which essentially a glorified, Hellenic version of lasagna.

Baked vegetables and feta—that's it. That's it? Yes, Cerritos! For seven bucks, Kentro cuts you off a slab of veggies—last time I was there, it was an array of squash, carrots, and potatoes, smushed so that you had a square as dense as a cinderblock. Feta peppered the meal, and while it's technically a side, it'll fill you up as if you were eating a couple doors down at Stubrik's.

Kentro Greek Kitchen 100 S. Harbor Blvd., Fullerton, (714) 278-0944. Instagram: @kentrogrkitchenm.


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