Dress Like Colonel Sanders the Best, Win Free KFC Doublicious Sandwiches for Life!

The headline tells the story, folks. KFC is running a contest (details here) looking for the person who can pull off Colonel Harland Sanders the best. Winner gets whatever that Doublicious sandwich is.

"Colonel Sanders in his iconic white suit is one of the most enduring images of American history," KFC Chief Marketing and Food Innovation Officer for KFC John Cywinski said in a press release in one of the most over-the-top statements EVER. After the jump, why the poor colonel is probably drowning in his bourbon-spiked bile over this contest.

Hint: the guy was a vengeful mofo...

The Colonel had a legendarily testy relationship with the people he sold his company to. In one lawsuit, Sanders complained that Kentucky Fried Chicken used his image to promote products he had nothing to do with whatsoever. More famously, Kentucky Fried Chicken sued


because--upset that the new owners changed the recipe of his gravy--the Colonel told reporters it now had essence of "wallpaper paste."

But who cares about history?


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