DivBar: New Barbecue Joint Opens in Newport Beach

A new restaurant has opened at the old Josh Slocum's location. If you don't remember or rather not remember what Josh Slocum's was, it's the place Dennis Rodman used to own next to Joe's Crab Shack in Newport Beach before it shuttered in 2005. Now the space at 2601 W. Coast Hwy. has become DivBar, a barbecue joint which advertises "chicks, cattle, and swine".

The owner is one Jeff Reuter of 3-Thirty-3 Waterfront, who offers ribs and other barbecue staples, but as hinted by this blog, also broasted chicken to the Duffy boat set.  A proud and giant rooster statue stands on top of the roof and a pig is part of their logo. No hint if there's a cow inside somewhere.

Also, judging by the sign outside, they're also doing late-night deliveries for those who care not to park (always an interesting adventure in this part of Newport) or don't have a Duffy boat.

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