Danny Trejo Opening Mexican Restaurant in Huntington Beach!

Danny Trejo Opening Mexican Restaurant in Huntington Beach!

If you pick up this week's issue of LA Weekly, you'll notice it's our mother paper's People Issue, where the great, the weird, and the wacky of Los Angeles get mini-profile. Reading them is always a treat, especially when there's hints of Orange County, but my jaw dropped when reading the profile of Danny Trejo, the chingón former con turned bad-ass actor--MACHETE MACHETE MACHETE!

Anyhoo, buried in the piece is this fascinating tidbit: Trejo plans to open a Mexican restaurant in Huntington Beach.

The piece says it'll be called Trejo's Place, which goes against what Trejo told a gossip blog last February--that it was going to be Trejo's Tacos. Regardless, Trejo has an affinity for Surf City--during last winter's Hollywood Christmas Parade, Trejo wore a hat from 2nd Floor, the restaurant-cum-tattoo-gallery. Will Machete open a Bro-Mex joint? A Mexi dive to rival Taquería Don Victor? Inquiring minds want to know!

And now, this:

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