Cupcake Showdown in Fountain Valley Tonight

A middle-of-the-week cupcake competition in Fountain Valley? Yes. That's what Cupcake Showdown OC 2010 is, and it's happening tonight with about ten cupcake competitors vying for frosting-covered supremacy at Access Media (11101 Condor Ave., Fountain Valley), from 7 p.m.-10 p.m.

If you're still on the fence thinking, "7-10 p.m.? Well, that'd be my chow time!," two food trucks will also be there to feed you the savory before you indulge in the sweet.

Frysmith and The Shrimp Pimp truck are serving up fries topped with stuff (and hopefully their poutine) and shrimp-based eats, respectively.

And oh yeah, other than the food, the event is free.

Cupcake Showdown in Fountain Valley Tonight

Also, I'm told a portion of the proceeds from The Cupcake Showdown will be donated to a charity called 

Giving Children Hope


For those interested in sampling one cupcake from every single competing bakery and participating in the judging for the Audience Favorite bakery, a full sampling pass will be available for purchase for $5. Full-sized cupcakes and an assortment of baked sweets will also be sold.

Here are the details--


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