Coors Light Exec: "Budweiser is Going Down, Baby"

As I always point out, I'm not a beer drinker, but that doesn't mean I don't taste it. And I've never understood why anyone would bother with either Budweiser or Coors, or their Light derivatives--it all smells like piss to me, and tastes barely better. But that obviously means nothing to American consumers, who have made Bud Light the nation's best-selling beer, followed by its Budweiser bigger brother.

In third place is Coors Light, which has slowly gained on Anheuser-Busch's brand over the past years, enough so that MillerCoors chief marketing officer Andy England recently told his sud's distributor, "Budweiser is going down, baby."

Geez, no humility on your part!

The scoop is in AdAge, and do click on the link because it offers a fascinating look into the decline of Budweiser, which I find hard to believe given my experience with too many carne asada Sundays.

I'm not happy with the development, if only because Coors hijacked the O'Jays' "Love Train" for their swill. Here, see the original music video for yourself...


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