OG Pecan Porter on Cask at Cismontane Brewing Co. in Santa Ana CAEXPAND
OG Pecan Porter on Cask at Cismontane Brewing Co. in Santa Ana CA
the Butcher

OG Pecan Porter on Cask at Cismontane Brewing., Our Beer of the Week!

Cismontane is in the process of transferring their brewing facility from their original, Santa Margarita location (which they recently sold to Laguna Beach Brewing) to their current tasting room in SanTana—HELL YA!!! It represents a doubling down of the company's commitment to a location many beer geeks openly scoffed at when it opened years ago: a warehouse next to an auto shop in Delhi, one of the oldest barrios in OC. But the homies and homegirls embraced Cismontane long ago, leading to one of the most diverse tasting rooms in OC—and kid-friendly, too!

The beer selection is SOLID—there's something for everyone and some seasonals. Double Rainbow Imperial Red IPA (9% ABV) is a complex elixir of hops, malts and fruit that will have your palate doing a happy dance to the beer gods. Hoppy up front, the sweetness of the fruit comes on the back end and the malt gives balance to this Imperial Red. Andale IPA (7.5% ABV) is a very enjoyable, nice and hoppy IPA. Just right for a hot summer day, it's refreshing, crisp, easy to drink. Pairs well with a carne asada quesadilla!

You down with OPP? You should be with OG Pecan Porter (9% ABV), a former Cask Beer of the Week at Cismontane. Rich and smooth, cask beer has natural carbonation—the flavor is the same as keg beer, but you have to pretty much drink all the cask beer with 24 to 48 hours. Cismontane's cask beers usually go fast because of, and because they don't do a full keg, usually about 9 gallons or a firkin. Chocolate notes, slightly sweet, OG Pecan Porter is quite the treat—BOOM

And best of all: Tuesdays bring on SOHO Taco. Hit the homies Cismontane up!

Cismontane Brewing Company, 1409 E. Warner Ave., Ste. C, SanTana, (949) 888-BREW(2739);


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