Caffeinated Beer Banned in California

​Beer shelves have been less loko ever since the FDA cracked down last year, but a new law signed on Monday by Gov. Jerry Brown makes caffeinated beer an even further memory. 

Starting Jan. 1, California companies will no longer be able to produce or sell "beer to which caffeine has been directly added as a separate ingredient." (Beer brewed with coffee or other naturally caffeinated ingredients is okay.) 

The bill, SB 39, written by Sen. Alex Padilla (D-Pacoima), comes in response to incidents around the country where teens got messed up on the infamous Four Loko and ended up in the ER. (One New York hospital reported 11 Loko-related cases in the span of four months!)    

For college kids, it looks like it's back to good, old-fashioned Jägerbombs. 

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