Start boning!
Start boning!

C4 Deli to Host Pop-Up Dinner THIS SUNDAY!

We're always happy to plug the exploits of the folks who make our annual People Issue, but we're especially happy to highlight a coming pop-up dinner at C4 Deli THIS SUNDAY. The two chefs are an unlikely lot: activist Theresa Dang and SanTana schoolteacher Benjamín Vazquez, folks usually more involved in protests against abusive cops and gentrification than high dining. But let Dang tell you what's motivating the two unabashed foodies into doing a pop-up...

Ben and I have a goal to keep prices as reasonable as possible so our friends and family can attend easily. No tickets required to come. First come, first serve until we run out. The concept for this event comes from our shared love of food. I was saying I make sexy food. While I appreciate deeply the art of food, my style is not to make it alien to the people I cook for. I also use food to educate, to introduce folks to uncommon ingredients, and to push the boundaries. My style of food is influenced by the people I have cooked with, the people who taught me how to cook, and the places I have been to. My food is a reflection of the people and places I have been so unfortunate to know. Finally, I swear this food leads to boning. I am certain I have been responsible for many people boning after. This food is vibrant and you feel healthy after. it is meant to make you feel better without you realizing it. And this, friend, leads to boning. That is my hope anyway.

And the menu:

Hurricane popcorn compliments of the house

Small Plates SASHIMI fruit dashi, frozen agua de sandía, ginger, bird's eye chili GYOZA tamarind-hoisin sauce, Yank Sing chili pepper sauce (vegan) TACOS BBQ boar, peach slaw, pickled okra option: BBQ tofu and mushrooms (vegan)

Large Plates DOWNTOWN BEN BURGER beef patty, manchego, apple-grape slaw THAI GREEN CURRY assorted vegetables, house-made curry paste, coconut (vegan) PERUVIAN ROASTED CHICKEN aji verde, roasted vegetables option: patty made of black beans, brown rice, and seitan (vegan)

Dessert SUMMER FRUIT CRISP plum wine ice cream MONKEY'S GONE TO HEAVEN caramel-imperial-stout ice cream, chocolate-imperial-stout sauce, bananas brûlée, brown butter crème anglaise, cookie SEE YOU WHEN I'M BAKLAVA almond marzipan, pistachios, reduction of pure sugar cane juice and citrus

♥ ♥ ♥

Email: Twitter: @gustavoarellano.

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