Byul Coffeebar Coming To Diamond-Jamboree in Irvine

Byul Coffeebar Coming To Diamond-Jamboree in Irvine
Edwin Goei

A new coffee bar is being constructed in Irvine's Diamond Jamboree next to Urban Seoul. Called Byul, it is most likely a Korean coffeehouse, which might mean sweet-potato lattes, patbingsu, as well as sandwiches served in cute-as-a-button surroundings to appeal to a specific demographic. Or it could be just a quick service coffee stop.

Whatever it turns out to be, it makes the plaza's Jamboree-adjacent island of stores completely dedicated to food. The previous tenants were a cell phone store and what I think was a watch shop.

The arrival of Byul also means that only two of the shops in this island of seven stores remain the original tenants.

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