Burger King Introduces "Satisfries" and Starbucks Trademarks "Fizzio"

Burger King Introduces "Satisfries" and Starbucks Trademarks "Fizzio"

If you haven't heard, last week Burger King introduced lower calorie French fries they dubbed "Satisfries", which reportedly has 270 calories while the regular fries has 340. The new fries are also crinkle cut and battered with something that doesn't allow the fry to absorb as much of the fry oil, hence the lower calorie count.

Meanwhile, Starbucks seemed to have started making up words of their own. They've filed a trademark for the word "Fizzio", which they intend to use for a line of soft-drink-making machines (think SodaStream) as well as drinks you can order in-store. Reports say that the company has been testing three flavors--Lemon Ale, Original Ginger Ale and Spiced Root Beer--at a few locations and it has been well received.

Will the food corporations of the world make up new trademarks and concoct new product names things this week? Probably. We'll see. The week is young.

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